Articbot- Conversational data driven virtual assistant

With Articbot automating customer service is an easy task

World’s #1 multilingual chatbot powered by conversational AI

Transforming customer interaction

Why Articbot Chatbot

A smarter chatbot platform designed to improve the customer support experience and increase conversation rates.

why chatbot

Easy to use

Without the need of in-depth technical knowledge.


Enterprise Ready

Create a chatbot without any required coding skills.


Security at its finest

We keep your conversational data confidential.

Integrate tools

Integrate unlimited tools with your task.

Connect Articbot to the favorite systems you're already using, to create an entirely new level of customer success.

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What can you do with Articbot

Articbot is a simple yet powerful tool that encourages customer engagements and success across the board.


Automated support

Meet the expectations of the visitors to your website and provide them with assistance.


Live chat support

Chat session will be automatically routed to live agents if customers require advanced support.

helpdesk integration-icon

Helpdesk integration

Conversation driven support for ticket raising.



Helps your customers to interact with chatbots in multiple languages

conversation analysis-icon

Conversation analysis

Analyzing the customer conversation and building a deep customer insight.

survay and feedback-icon

Survey and feedback

Collect customers feedback through pre-defined surveys.

During our first 60 days using Articbot, 30% of our leads that converted into meetings and demos originated from Articbot.

Troy Muise / CEO,Salesboom


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