Reverse solution algorithm

Reverse solution algorithm

Normally virtual agents analyzing the user queries with set of predefined answers, Articbot has the ability to check the user query in the predefined solution as well using its decision making skill.

Casual word syntax

Casual word syntax

When typing style of customers is moving to next level, we should understand their short responses this Built a good relationship with customers to business.

Content firewall

Content firewall layer

There should be situation you should avoid spamming and unnecessary questions on your platform Content firewall layer is responsible for handling the inappropriate content from the customer.

Emotion sensing

Emotion sensing

A fact that a support agent should answer depending upon the customer emotion it helps the business to adhere the customers to the brand. In each chat our algorithm tries to understand emotional variations of the customers to answer them.


Machine translation

The world is unique but it speak multiple language, to answer your global customers we support 100+ language. Make it sure your customer is not hesitating to reach your support desk.

Conversation analysis

Conversation analysis

Give a well-rounded overview of how to use Conversation analysis for a boost in customer satisfaction.

key features
Opinion mining

Opinion mining

An important part of our information-gathering behavior has always been to find out what the customer thinks about the product and service.

good personality

Ingenious personality

Articbot has the potential to analyze the customer feel based on the situation.

Business data build

Business data builder

Business data builder analyzes the whole chat historical data and extracting the data for business purpose. (Email collect).

web annotations

Merged web annotations

Merged web annotations helps to make scalable knowledge base. It also has the power of search content in web also.

Language detector

Language detector

It helps our machine to analyze the customer input language and to answer accordingly.

follow up

Follow-up optimizer

When customer ask a query out of the knowledge base. From the moment bot tries for the optimal solution and when it will found, inform the solution to the particular customer.

scalable features
short word

Text talk and short hand cruncher

Inbuilt and expandable short word cruncher. It handling the short word from the customers during the chat.

Bot Efficiency

Efficiency scalar

It is the efficiency scale up tool that used for making the efficient bot.

customer support
Automated customer support

Automated customer support

Taking out the pain point of 24*7 customer support.

Quick Response

Quick Response time

Coupled with AI and machine learning make it a highly efficient virtual assistant.

Analyze complex questions

Analyze complex questions

Articbot analyzing most of the complex questions and matching with the accurate answers.

support languages

Supports 100+ language

Support your global clients with 100+ languages.

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