Faq | Articbot

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the procedure for Trial version bot?

Users can select Freebot version to verify our service. please visit our pricing page and select try for free and fill up your company information. you will get a verification link in your email address. after the successful verification, you can sign into the dashboard.

How a message will count?

Each time a user message to bot and bot replies to user this count as one message. Every reply from bot including welcome message will count as one message.

Can I adjust my plan as my needs change?

Yes. At any time you can upgrade or degrade your selected plan depends upon your needs.

How the message plan works?

Message plan counts monthly and adding credit to user account monthly. If message pack remains in the end of month this will carry forward to next month and adding to next month message pack if the plan does not expired.


What are all the payment procedures available?

All the payment methods including International debit, credit, net banking will be available for the purchase through the website.

What I will do if my message limit exceeds?

If your message pack exceeded monthly limit, don’t worry you can purchase extra recharge pack from client console depends upon requirement, it will be charged extra.

What if the payment failed?

If any issue related to the payment failure will be refunded to your account within 10 days of maximum time, please refer the refund policy.

Will I get refund on selected plan?

We will refund your payment excluding transaction and integration charge if you are not satisfied in our product within 7 days from the day of purchase, post this there will not be any refund applicable to this.


How to integrate Articbot to website?

Once you complete the signup process, you will be redirected to Articbot management console. There you can find the embed code paste it to the existing website code

Can articbot be integrated to all website platform?

Yes, Articbot can be integrated to all existing website. It will not affect any website color or styles.

What is the support we offering on message failure?

Clients can contact our 24*7 bot or customer desk if they feeling any problem in our service.