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Copyright Policy


We at Articbot private limited respect the intellectual property right of other companies and request all do follow same. The text, images and all data ('the content’) of the Articbot website are copyright. Copyright in the content of the website remains with us and other copyright owners as specified.

Authorised uses

The content of this website may:

  • View the website and the material on the website on a computer or mobile related devices worldwide without any restrictions.
  • Copy and keep the websites and website contents in your browser cache memory and print pages from website for your use.
  • Prohibited uses

    You may not use the content for any purpose other than as specified above without authorised permission The content of this website or any part of it may not be::

  • posted to any other website;
  • modified, republished, distributed, reproduced or communicated in any form
  • used for any public performance or display including a transmission over a network.
  • Articbot does not grant anyone the right in relation to this website or the materials on this website.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, you must not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, and republish, distribute or show on public content from this website without prior permission.
  • Data mining

    The automated and / or systematic collection of data from this website is prohibited Articbot private limited reserve all copyright over the content in this website

    Usage of external icons

    We use the logo of Google play store, ios store, Mcafee logo to showcase the usage of their service, we do not use this for promotional purposes.Showcasing of our customer logos in pricing page is to showcase the customer signup, not for promotional purposes.

    Links to other websites

    We do not link to any other websites from our website. But chatbot integrated website used any link to external websites we are not responsible for that.